Living Dolls Community Project

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Join in the fun with 4CRM’s
Living Dolls Community Project

Businesses, Groups, Clubs, Families and Individuals are invited to make one or more Living Dolls to put on display around Mackay from 15th to 31st October 2016.

Download Entry Form (PDF)


  1. Entrance fee is $10 per group. You can make as many dolls as you like.
  2. All Living Dolls must be registered at 4CRM, Community Radio Mackay.
  3. Please register using the paper entry form provided. This must be submitted at the 4CRM station, 171 Victoria Street, Mackay, QLD, 4740. If you have difficulty in accessing the 4CRM station, please contact 49531411.
  4. All Living Dolls must be displayed between 15th – 31st October 2016
  5. Each Living Doll should be somewhere between 1 and 2 metres tall – although pet sized Living Dolls are very welcome
  6. Living Dolls should be inexpensive and use existing material such as old clothes
  7. Please fill with straw etc. (not plastic/polystyrene).
  8. A simple wooden frame as seen in scarecrows seems to work well.
  9. Please give your Living Doll a name e.g. Florence the Nurse)
  10. [Non-offensive] Ideas are limitless but include local identities, fictitious characters, politicians
  11. Display venues will include homes, businesses and community organisations.
  12. Please be aware that you are responsible for your Living Dolls and that all dolls must be placed in safe and secure areas. 4CRM will not be held liable for any lost or stolen or damaged dolls.
  13. Registered Living Dolls will wear a 4CRM tag supplied by 4CRM.
  14. Every Living Doll will receive a certificate.
  15. A list of Living Dolls will appear on the 4CRM website:
  16. There will be a light-hearted judging of Living Dolls with simple prizes.
  17. Judges decision may be corruptible for a small bribe to 4CRM.
  18. Selfies with Living Dolls are encouraged. If you post to Facebook, please use the hashtag  #4crmlivingdolls
  19. Living Dolls may be put out in the morning and taken in at night as owners see fit.
  20. At the end of the project, we would love to auction each of the Living Dolls. Please let us know if you would like to donate your doll to the auction.
  21. All proceeds from both the Living Dolls project and the auction will go to 4CRM, Community Radio Mackay.

No Living Dolls will be harmed in the running of this event.

4CRM – Community Radio Mackay

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