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6amBig Breaky with ColinBig Breaky with Uncle FesterBig Breaky with Uncle FesterBig Breaky with BrendaBig Breaky with ColinBig Breaky with MikeUplift with Geoff
8amComino's Country with Mary
9amMornings with Uncle FesterMornings with PaulMornings with PaulBetter Brakes Request LineMorning's with Alex
10amWotz the Buzz with SandyThe 3 M's Show with Mitchell and MichelleMarnie's Mix
11amMaCheDici with Diego and Luana
12pmSongs I Grew Up With Roy The BoySongs I grew up with with Roy the BoySomething for EveryoneThursday's with CostnerNorthern Beaches Vet Hospital's Chit Chat with SusieSpotlight with Kevin WalshRay's Bush Ballads
1pmThe Mike McColl Show (via Community Radio Network)Uncle Fester's Blue's Show
2pmManic Monday's with MitchellBrenda's VarietiesJungle Jim's Music MixSomething for Everyone
3pmUncle FesterAfternoons with RichardFriendly Friday's with PhilLivin' in the 60's
4pmLuke's ChoiceJust Chillin' with JasmineAfternoon's with PaulStereo Sunset with MikeRyan's Hour of PowerBehind the Music
5pmMike's Album ShowCafe O'le with Amanda / Something for Everyone
6pmThat 80's Show with GlenysBonsoir Mackay with Monique and HenriSomething for EveryoneRhythm and Rhyme with BrianThe Rock Show with PeterSomething for EveryoneFiji hour with Simi
7pmInspired Coffee with Geoff and DonRadio Filipino with VictorJazz Man with PeterScotch on the Rocks with BillSaturday Night Party Request with Jungle JimIn Country with Cath
8pmA night with Zion, with VictorSomething for EveryoneFriday Night Request with the Wolfman
9pmSomething for EveryoneSomething for EveryoneBenEFactor
10pmSomething for EveryoneSomething for EveryoneSomething for Everyone
12pm-6amA Variety Of Programs Via Community Broadcast Australia

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