[text_output]SPONSORSHIP RATES as at January 2015
Mon-Friday        3 x 30 Second Spots Daily        1 Month Basic    $330
Mon-Friday        3 x 30 Second Spots Daily        3 Month Basic    $695
Sun-Saturday         4 x 30 Second Spots Daily    3 Month Bonus    $897
Every effort will be made to accommodate your needs & budget (eg. 15 second or “spare air” spots)

CASUAL RATES   $10 (Anytime) – $15 (Prime time) per 30 second spot (minimum 5 spots) + production fee

SPECIAL SPONSORSHIPS    with complimentary bonus spots
Programme Naming Rights (up to 3hour progm.)             $2200 / year
(1 – 2hour progm.)                  $1200 / year
News / Weather    Intro each hour (= 84 tags each week)         $750/3months

PRODUCTION COSTS – (Additional to above) per Sponsorship creation $50.00 (in house) or professional recordings can be outsourced if so desired.
Existing material can be used but must be tagged “(Your company)…… sponsor of 4CRM.”
•    No material will go to air unless approved by sponsor
•    All Sponsorships are subject to signing of Contracts
•    Sponsorships must meet the C.B.A.A. Code of Practice.
•    Policy of only 5 minutes total paid sponsorship per hour.

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